Vick Bain, Executive Director, BASCA

‘Marius has always been a pleasure to work with. Organised, considered, very personable and above all clearly extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the music industry. I would recommend him without hesitation.’

Andrew Clark, Chief Music Critic, Financial Times

‘Over the ten years or so I have known him, Marius Carboni has been a pleasure to work with. As a public relations consultant, he chooses projects he believes in and never promises what he cannot deliver. He has the added advantage of being knowledgeable about music. In a profession known more for its pushiness, Marius inspires confidence.’

Professor Timothy Blinko, Professor of Music, University of Hertfordshire

‘Marius Carboni is a much valued colleague. He is highly professional, reflexive and responsive, and he delivers. It is widely acknowledged that his research work breaks new ground in the classical music business and this informs his publicity and media work in a unique way. Marius knows just who to reach in order to give a story lift-off and to maximise its impact and he has led several highly successful campaigns for us. At a personal level, Marius is fun and engaging to work with, and his strong interpersonal skills are an important factor in his success.’

Lisa Peacock, Lisa Peacock Concert Management Limited

‘My company has worked with Marius Carboni over a number of years and on fairly diverse projects. It has always been enlightening to work with him, as his genuine enthusiasm, knowledge of the music business and ability to maximise the potential of the project in hand in second to none.’

Phil Sommerich, journalist

‘Marius’s knowledge of the music industry ranges from PR executive for major record companies to performing as a conductor to teaching university students. That breadth of experience is enhanced by his infectious enthusiasm and appetite for hard work.’

Roger Lewis, former Group Chief Executive of the Welsh Rugby Union and the Millennium Stadium, Former MD ITV Wales, and Programme Controller and Programme Director, Classic FM

‘I have known him and worked with him in a variety of roles, both as Head of Press for EMI’s Classical Division and as a media consultant over 14 years. He is well connected with the opinion formers in the classical world, and is respected, regarded and well liked.’

Alex Jacob, Communications, International Federation of Phonographic Industries

‘I have worked with Marius over the last six years, regularly visiting the University of Hertfordshire to participate in the music business course he runs for composers, songwriters, music technologists and sound designers. Marius is determined that his students will have an understanding of the industry issues that shape the world his students will work in after they graduate, as well as mastering the technical skills they need to pursue their chosen careers. Marius has a wealth of experience and broad knowledge of the music business himself, but also believes his students benefit from exposure to a range of opinions from across the industry.’